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How To Get Rid Of Blackheads And Pimples With Blackhead Remover Tool

When ever you go to a beautician, dermatologists, cosmetologists Always prefer to take your own tools with you to prevent yourself from Blood born infections like Hepatitis B.C, HIV.

How To remove Blackhead.

It is highly advised that you should also consult your dermatologists for proper use of these quality tools. However, here we can give you simple techniques to use comedone extractor. Pesky blackheads are a mixture of dead skin cells, oil and bacteria that builds up inside our skin’s pores. Use the same tools as professional aestheticians or dermatologists use to extract blackheads, pimples & clogged pores. They can be exterminated by using a quality professional comedone extractor without damaging your skin.

First, lay a warm, wet wash cloth on your face for a few minutes. After a shower is an ideal time to extract. steaming the face, or using a hot water compress is strongly recommended to help soften comedones. This will make them much easier to remove. When you're ready to begin the extraction process lay the looped side on top of the blackhead - basically encircling this area with the loop. Apply slow and even pressure lightly until the trapped sebum is forced out of the follicle. The blackhead — oil and all — will ooze up and out of the pore. Do not continue to attempt the extraction if the trapped sebum is not released easily. Applying too much force can cause infection and scarring. When piercing a whitehead with lancet (Pointed end), wait until the whitehead breaks open, then gently roll the tool over the whitehead. Be sure to disinfect the area when finished and clean your tool off with alcohol or hot water. A deep, cystic pimple should not be opened with the lancet. When dealing with deep acne, it's best to visit a dermatologist. A doctor may use a sterile needle, but only after a pustule has formed. Additional treatments depend on the severity of the acne.

Remember Never use fingers or suction guns for removing blackheads, these may aggravate skin infections. One of biggest disadvantage of suction guns is that these cant be sterilized.

Suction guns toys never clean the pores completely and deeply, result is that you will get acne and pimples again. Suction Gun may cause broken capillary conditions and is also not very effective. Only the very superficial dead cells and dirt may be sucked away, leaving the condition with no evident improvement.

Always use Professional quality tools for your skin rather than buying cheaper and lower quality implements.

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Great Tips About How To Treat And Eliminate Wrinkles

I found this great tips about how to treat and eliminate wrinkles. This helpful have radiant skin and look younger.

Wrinkles - How To Eliminate Them And Look 10 Years Younger!

So, What Causes Wrinkles Anyway ?

As a person gets older, their skin undergoes significant changes. For example:

* The cells divide more slowly, and the inner layer of skin (the dermis) starts to thin.

* Fat cells beneath the dermis begin to atrophy (diminish).

* The underlying network of elastin and collagen fibers, which provides scaffolding for the surface layers, loosens and unravels.

* Skin loses its elasticity. When pressed, it no longer springs back to its initial position but instead sags and forms furrows.

* The sweat and oil-secreting glands atrophy, depriving the skin of their protective water-lipid emulsions. The skin's ability to retain moisture then diminishes and it becomes dry and scaly.

* Constant facial expressions also form noticable lines.

* Gravity exacerbates the situation, contributing to the formation of jowls and drooping eyelids (Eyebrows move upwards as a person ages, likely because of forehead wrinkles).

* In addition, the ability of the skin to repair itself diminishes with age, so wounds are slower to heal.

Also, many other factors can cause your skin to wrinkle and wear out, including:

>Sunlight - damages collagen fibers (the major structural protein in the skin) and causes accumulation of abnormal elastin (the protein that causes tissue to stretch). Enzymes called metalloproteinases are produced and can repair the damage for the most part. Repetition of this rebuilding process over and over again causes wrinkles.

>UV radiation from the sun - also promotes oxidation, the release of damaging and unstable oxygen-free radicals. Oxidation contributes to wrinkling, possibly by activating the metalloproteinases that degrade connective tissue.

>Cigarette smoke (Smoking):

- causes thickening and fragmentation of elastin, which are the elastic fibers that are long and smooth in healthy skin.

- diminishes the level of estrogen in women to cause dryness and disintegration of skin tissues.

- reduces the amount of oxygen supplied to the skin by reducing circulation.

- leads to a decrease in the formation of collagen, the skin's main structural component, and may reduce the water content of the skin.

- compromises the skin's ability to fend off free radicals, the highly reactive substances that are present in tobacco smoke that cause cell damage.

>Air pollution - Ozone, a common air pollutant, is a problem for the skin. One study reported that it might deplete the amount of vitamin E in the skin (an important anti oxidant).

>Rapid weight loss - can also cause wrinkles by reducing the volume of fat cells that cushion the face. This not only makes a person look gaunt, but can cause the skin to sag.

>Heredity - you may have inherited some of your skin characteristics from your parents.

In addition, if your skin is not moisturized on a regular basis, it will eventually start drying out. In other words, the appearance of wrinkles and loss of firmness.

Wrinkles and fine lines are the most easily visible signs resulting from the obstacle course the skin has to face. Helped along by the sagging of the tissues, these wrinkles and lines result in the formation of a type of canvas covered with cracks of varying depths.

As time goes by, wrinkles deepen, reaching the dermis, which is the skin's supporting mattress. When the dermis loses its elasticity, it becomes slack and deeper wrinkles begin to appear. These wrinkles are more than 0.05 millimetres in depth, therefore they are the longest and widest.

The good news is that you can do something about this. Here are some things you can do to minimize wrinkles:

1. Avoid the sun and/or use sunscreen
2. Don't smoke
3. Use an anti wrinkle topical cream
4. Moisturize daily
5. Drink plenty of water
6. Exercise
7. Eat plenty of fruits & vegetables.

By following the above 7 items regularly, you will be taking important steps to creating a much more youthful appearance and reducing the onset of wrinkles.

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Pictures Of Mild Psoriasis In Patient

I found this great pictures of mild psoriasis in patient. Remember this skin condition appear more in joints areas and near to the elbows or kness. Psoriasis is chronic skin diseases with varies in severity. In the picture patient presenting a mild conditon or beginning phase in the evolution of the psoriasis. They are several type of psoriasis include plaque, pustular, guttate and flexural psoriasis. The patient presenting like pustular psoriasis with bumps and no infected pustules. The area is very red and swelling.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Melanoma Under Fingernail Photo

I found this melanoma under fingernail photo. Remember this skin cancer is very dangerous and can spread to other part of the body. If you see under your fingernail change in skin spot with irregular border, different color and quickly incriase in size this can be a melanoma. Is very important consult your doctor.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Malignant Melanoma Skin Cancer Diagnostic

I read several article about malignant melanoma skin cancer. This skin cancer is very danger condition and have high mortality range in patient. Melanoma arise from melanocytes, this cell give the pigment or color to the skin by the melanin. Melanoma can appear in the beginning like a mole.

The person with high exposure to the sun, UV, lightly pigmented skin
or family history of skin cancer increase the probability to have this condition. This skin cancer also is related to genetics factors. This skin cancer can spread from the skin to other part or organ of the body.

To diagnostic this cancer quickly and reduce the mortality is very important continuously examine your skin and look any change in mole or pigmented area. Several article talk about the “ABCDE” mnemonic to prevent and detect this skin cancer. This mnemonic include several change in a mole for example.

A- Asymmetrical mole or asymmetrical shape skin lesion.
B- Border irregular in a mole or skin lesion.
C- Color: this skin lesion or mole can presenting different color.
D- Diameter: The moles or skin lesion with more diameter increase the
probability to be a melanoma.
E- Evolution or Elevation: Skin lesion raised or elevated about the skin increase the probably be malignant lesion.

Look this pictures how look a melanoma: Picture Melanoma

I hope this can help you to understand more about this skin condition and make more quickly diagnostic.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Exercise And Weight Training For Cellulite

The Exercise and weight training for cellulite result be great method to reduce cellulite. I found great article about natural treatment to reduce this skin condition with exercise and weight loss. The combination of exercise and weight loss training give great result in the reduction of cellulite where other method fail. The best exercise to weight loss and reduce cellulite is aerobic. One routine with cardiovascular aerobic exercise reduce and burn fat in area where is locate cellulite and also increase your muscle tone.

This article said many woman try only to control cellulite with creams and not make any type of exercise to reduce fat and increase muscle tone. If you want have great result you need make any resistance weight loss training. For cellulite locate in area of the leg and buttock make squats, lunges, leg presses, leg curls this increase the tone of the muscle and reduce cellulite. You can combine this aerobic exercise with other treatment like peeling, microdermabrasion, laser and creams to reduce cellulite and you go to have great result.

Make exercise to attack area of your body where is locate the cellulite like abdomen, lower back, legs, etc. Increase your cardiovascular exercise like walk in your treadmill and make 20 min of bike this increase your fat burning process and change the shape of your body. Make this cardiovascular exercise three time per week and low fat diet.

Remember to treat cellulite you need to combine several method like exercise, low fat diet, weight loss , dietary supplements and topical creams with massage. In sum the are several products an method to reduce this skin condition like eating a healthy diet, make exercise to increase muscle tone in area of the body where is more common cellulite. Other procedure are microdermabrasion, peeling, liposuction, vacumtherapy and surgical procedure.