Saturday, October 13, 2007

Malignant Melanoma Skin Cancer Diagnostic

I read several article about malignant melanoma skin cancer. This skin cancer is very danger condition and have high mortality range in patient. Melanoma arise from melanocytes, this cell give the pigment or color to the skin by the melanin. Melanoma can appear in the beginning like a mole.

The person with high exposure to the sun, UV, lightly pigmented skin
or family history of skin cancer increase the probability to have this condition. This skin cancer also is related to genetics factors. This skin cancer can spread from the skin to other part or organ of the body.

To diagnostic this cancer quickly and reduce the mortality is very important continuously examine your skin and look any change in mole or pigmented area. Several article talk about the “ABCDE” mnemonic to prevent and detect this skin cancer. This mnemonic include several change in a mole for example.

A- Asymmetrical mole or asymmetrical shape skin lesion.
B- Border irregular in a mole or skin lesion.
C- Color: this skin lesion or mole can presenting different color.
D- Diameter: The moles or skin lesion with more diameter increase the
probability to be a melanoma.
E- Evolution or Elevation: Skin lesion raised or elevated about the skin increase the probably be malignant lesion.

Look this pictures how look a melanoma: Picture Melanoma

I hope this can help you to understand more about this skin condition and make more quickly diagnostic.