Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Natural Skin Care Recipes

One benefit about natural skin care recipes is very cheap and easy to obtain. This natural skin care recipes not contain chemicals or other substance cause possible side effect in your skin like allergic reaction. The chemical in commercial cosmetic products can spread from the skin to the bloodstream and causing adverse reaction in your health.

Natural Skin care recipes like virgin coconut oil/butter is good for skin moisturizer because produce a protective layer that locks in natural moisture. The coconut oil is extracted from coconut and contain two important element oleic acid and linoleum acid. This coconut oil is very stable oils and is very slow to oxidize and thus resistant to rancidity.
You can combine the coconut oil with lip balm or eye cream jars. This oil can be use to treat acne, wrinkles, eczema, cellulite and injury like burns.

One good product to treat sunburned skin and her symptoms is Aloe Vera plant. The gel produce by this plant is good for several type of skin burning. Also Aloe Vera Plant gel have other properties like cooling, antibacterial and antifungal.

You also can make in your home natural facial toner with the combination of green tea, chamomile, ginseng tea, lavender or lemon oil. The properties of green tea is rich in antioxidants this reduce free radicals and the toxic effect in the skin health. Also the green tea have anti-aging properties and reduce the fine lines wrinkles. Other substance like Lavender oil is good facial toner and lemon oil help skin looking young with her toner properties.

One of the most frequent vitamins use for anti-aging is Vitamin E. This vitamins help reverse the aging process and in combination with a potent antioxidant like Vitamin A can help you more younger and healthy. Very important thing to have a beautiful skin is your diet. Increase the drinking of water, eating more raw fruits and vegetables. This reduce free radicals and toxin with the result of healthy and radiant skin. This tips can help you to produce your natural skin care recipes.