Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Treatment For Wrinkles Problems

This is a new treatment for wrinkles and guide to look younger skin. The person need to be very careful because many creams and lotions not have the result promise to reduce wrinkles and block the damage caused by the sun. Is very important know the ingredient of this cream or lotion because you can have allergic reaction or other skin complication and no guarantees the safe and effectiveness of the products. These most common ingredient use in this creams or lotion are retinol, hydroxy acids, coenzyme Q10, copper peptides, kinetin, tea extracts.

Retinol is form from Vitamin A and is good for the new treatment for wrinkles this have great properties like antioxidants. This products is found in many OTC wrinkles and anti-aging creams. This substance with antioxidant have the properties to reduce the unstable oxygen molecules that attack the membrane of the skin cells and cause the signs of wrinkles. Very important issue is this medication is contraindicate in pregnant patient because several studies show the relation in the use of this medication and the risk of birth defects.

Hydroxy acids is other products use in the new treatment for wrinkles available. This products is the results of sugar have the fruits. The properties of hydroxy is are exfoliants. This substance help to remove the upper and old layer of the skin, increase the formation of new radiant skin and reduce the wrinkles. When use hydroxy acids the person need to avoid the sun expose and use sunscreen.

Coenzyme Q10 show the decrease of wrinkles is several area of the body like around the eyes. Copper peptides enhance wound healing, also this products increase the production of collagen and increase the efficacy of the antioxidants. Kinetin help to reduce skin spot and reduce wrinkles. Tea Extracts contain high level of antioxidant with characteristic to reduce inflammation.

When use this new treatment for wrinkles also is very important change your lifestyle like stop smoking, alcohol drinks, protect your skin form the sun and exposure to ultraviolet light.