Sunday, November 18, 2007

Discover The Latest Cellulite Secrets And Information

By Joseph Santiago

The cellulite or orange peel syndrome is alleged to be the combination of fat tissue, water and toxic wastes in the skin that the body has failed to eliminate. This skin condition is more common in women and can begin at an early age of 14 years. Taking birth control pills, women hormonal changes and aging can cause cellulite.

Other theory about the cause of the orange peel syndrome is the elasticity of your skin, when patient presenting rapid change in weight you will get stretch marks and cellulite. The area of the body where appear more common the cellulite are the thigh, abdomen and buttocks.

Many woman want a magically surgical technique or anti-cellulite cream for reduce or eliminate this skin problem. But is very important prevent the appearance of cellulite with alternative procedures or natural remedies more cheap.

One of the most used product in the market for beauty are anti-cellulite topical creams. These creams tend help increase the elasticity of the skin because they contain alpha-hydroxyl. This ingredient in anti-cellulite creams use topic does not work very well in the deep tissue to destroy cellulite.

To get a good result in the treatment of the cellulite combines diet, exercise and topical massage with anti-cellulite creams. It is very important to avoid eating foods containing fat and sugar processed. Several substance such as coffee, soft drinks and alcoholic may reduce the effectiveness of treatment and increase cellulite. Recent scientific studies have shown that drinking a lot of water, eat fruits and grains helps eliminate toxins from the body.

The body tends to accumulate water when it can not properly excrete toxins. By this metabolic change the person gains weight and cellulite increases in several areas of the body.

A new product usage topical for the treatment of cellulite is available on the market. The name of this product is Nivea Gel. People who have tested the product reported a big decline in the cellulite after several weeks of use. The price for this beauty product is around twelve dollars. This product must be applied in the form of massage in the area of cellulite to increase micro-circulation.

Consumers must be careful because many products on sale for cellulite is considered by the FDA fraudulent. The most infamous of these devices is the Relax-A-Cizor. This product is fraudulent or dangerous because can produce miscarriages and aggravate many preexisting medical skin condition.

When it begins to eliminate cellulite many people may feel that the treatment is not working. This is due to the movement of deep layers of skin to the surface. This causes the condition of the skin look worse. To have a beautiful radiant skin the patient may need to continue treatment.

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