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Great Information And Tips When Buying a Stretch Mark Lotion

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Best Four Tips When Buying a Stretch Mark Lotion
By: Maia Pells

You may be suffering from the psychological impact of stretch marks but wouldn't want to risk going through surgery or using an untested product. If this is the case, then its time you found a good stretch mark lotion.

Get The Natural Product

Natural solutions are, most often than not, always the best. This is because natural ingredients rarely ever result in side effects and is therefore generally safe to use. Since stretch marks are the particular problem of pregnant women, a natural stretch mark lotion is a logical choice since chemical options may end up harming the unborn child. To be safe though, always ask your doctor about a natural product first before using it on your belly. Once a stretch mark lotion is cleared for use, apply it as soon as possible to prevent stretch marks but only as indicated.

Get A Good Brand

Stretch mark lotions are available anywhere and most people would probably get theirs in brick and mortar stores. However, you should not discount the power of the internet to assist you in your search for the best stretch mark lotion. You can easily research on the most reputable brands by logging on to independent reviewers, asking around in forums and checking product sites. Online shopping for your stretch mark lotion will give you a lot of time to conveniently determine the best, safest and most reliable product.

What's In The Product?

Sadly though, there are also some manufacturers who are simply out there to catch a quick buck. Make sure you spend some time online researching about natural ingredients that really do help treat stretch marks. Look for these ingredients in product sites and check if the sites have good explanations of how their ingredients work. Some of the ingredients that work best in a stretch mark lotion include the following:

1. The Vitamin E must be a constant ingredient for all stretch mark solutions. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that not only fights harmful free radicals but also helps with skin regeneration by stimulating the development of new skin cells.

2. Vitamin A must also be another ingredient that skin care products must not do without. Vitamin A does not only help regenerate the skin but it also provides UV protection

3. Aside for hair products, Aloe vera can also aid in the healing of wounds. Since stretch marks are scars that result from the tearing of dermal tissues, aloe vera can be a helpful component in a stretch mark lotion.

4. Grapefruit seed extract is another important stretch mark lotion component that helps promote collagen and elastin healing. These two are particularly needed to maintain skin elasticity which is necessary to limit skin tearing.

5. Another important antioxidant that promote skin regeneration is the Squalene oil. This ingredient can also naturally keep your skin soft.

Try a Solution for a Couple of Weeks

Even a very good stretch mark lotion may not be able to work out a miracle in a short span of time. Since stretch marks are scars, it may take some time before a solution works. Use a carefully chosen natural product for a couple of weeks before giving it up. The results may only be obvious after some time of consistent and regular use of a good product.

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