Thursday, November 15, 2007

Truth About Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks and Abdominoplasty

By Maia Pells

Today, two of the most sought-after methods of eliminating stretch marks are laser treatment and abdominoplasty. If you're trying to choose between the two procedures, you should first compare them with each other for you to come up with a more informed decision.

What They Are For

Laser treatment for stretch marks is a relatively new area in cosmetic surgery. Some critics feel that there is a need to study laser treatment for stretch marks further before it can be considered a valid procedure for stretch mark elimination.

Although it is not a procedure for stretch mark removal, abdominoplasty has been around longer than laser treatment and is also used as method for cosmetic surgery. People who want to get a tummy tuck simply want to get rid of a few extra stubborn fats on the tummy that do not respond well to dieting and exercise. The removal of stretch marks is simply an added bonus.

Before the Procedure

Compared to laser treatment, tummy tuck is a more risky procedure. Your surgeon may require you to undergo some extensive preparation. Your doctor will first spend some sessions with you discussing the procedure, risks and more importantly, assessing your validity as a candidate. You may also have to spend some time being medically counseled about your decision to undergo abdominoplasty.

Compared to tummy tuck, laser treatment is less invasive as a procedure and may even be done by your dermatologist.

Who Are Candidates

Tummy tuck candidates should be very close to their ideal weight and only have a little fat to remove in the tummy. They should also be physically and emotionally stable and should have realistic expectations. Sometimes a tummy tuck may not be able to remove all the visible stretch marks. It is also understood that the procedure will leave you with a big external scar.

The best individuals qualified for laser treatment are those whose stretch marks are still new and colored pink or purple. Mature stretch marks may not respond to laser treatment for stretch marks. Some experts also say that there will still be visible streaks but will be less obvious.


Laser treatment method will only require you a very minimal time of recovery. The procedure involves little pain and no external scars at all. Abdominiplasty on the other hand is a procedure that may require weeks of recuperation. You may also experience some swelling and pain on the treated area.

Are there Side Effects and Risks?

Compared to abdominaplasty, laser treatment has only very little known side effects. A little temporary reddening of the area may be the only thing you have to endure. In the hands of an incompetent practitioner however, you might suffer from minor tissue injury.

Abdominoplasty offers more side effects and risks for the individual. Aside from the swelling and pain, you are also at risk of infections and irritations. A slip from your surgeon may also result in organ damage.


Abdominoplasty is more expensive than laser treatment. Costs for laser treatment for stretch marks may range anywhere from $400-$1500 while abdominoplasty costs may range from $5,000-$9,000.

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