Saturday, November 17, 2007

Five Myths About How to Eliminate Stretch Marks

By Maia Pells

It's easy to get lost in the sea of stretch mark elimination methods. Before you pick a method however, it is well worth your time to first check what works and what doesn't.

Myth #1: To eliminate stretch marks you can try the countless surgical procedures.

Currently, only abdominoplasty is the only known surgical method that works on stretch marks. This method however will only eliminate stretch marks in the tummy area and is very risky and expensive. It is not even originally intended for stretch mark removal but for extra fat removal. Only those who are close to their ideal body weights and have only a little fat to remove are considered good candidates for abdominoplasty.

Other medical procedures include dermabrasion and laser treatment. As most people would know however, dermabrasion is simply a more complicated form of exfoliation which is only a marginally effective method to eliminate stretch marks. Laser treatment on the other hand is a new method that does not have a long and proven track record in removing stretch marks.

Myth #2: Getting a tan can eliminate stretch marks.

Many people think that they can eliminate stretch marks by covering it up with a good tan. This however, will only serve to worsen the whitish appearance of stretch marks as the surrounding healthy skin darkens in color. This is because stretch marks are scars and if you've ever tried to tan a scar, you would know that they are particularly resistant to color changes. Most of us also know that tanning is not always very safe.

Myth #3: Make-up can cover up stretch marks.

Make ups are not stretch mark solutions. These products do not eliminate stretch marks but just mask them. This may be a good technique but only for a limited time. Even the most water resistant make-up will eventually lose its grip at the beach or in the water.

Myth #4: Weight loss can eliminate stretch marks.

Just because stretch marks are basically caused by body expansion it doesn't mean that you can eliminate stretch marks by losing weight. As scars, they will stay put even if you manage to agreed thin. You may however, be able to reduce your chances of getting stretch marks if you have never been overweight to begin with. A healthy diet and exercise can keep you from rapidly expanding in body size.

Myth #5: Stretch mark product is the answer to eliminate stretch marks.

Generally, people have lost hope on finding an effective solution for stretch marks because the market is obviously saturated with products that just don't work. These products put a bad name on reputable brands.

To arrive at the right stretch mark solution, be discriminating with stretch mark product specifications, contents and ingredients. If you have very sensitive skin, you would do better with an all natural product that will not expose you to dangerous side effects.

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